Bitter Life

Mother why can't he help you cook? 
I have to go study chapters off my textbook 
“Shush you child” said my mother 
“Don't get silly thoughts, he is your brother” 

Father can I go on this school trip? 
Oh that was the day my father flipped. 
Yelled at me for getting a thought so lame 
But the next month, brother left for the same

Mother could I go to my friend’s tonight? 
We wish to study for a chapter we fright
“No way will you leave the door past six
The things that happen past it can never be fixed”

“Mom I'm going out with some friends tonight”, said brother
“I'll be late like a day any other” 
She said “it's alright go have fun”
It were as if he were forbidden to go out in the sun 

I told her this has been going on for a long time 
She explained a girl with freedom only leads to crime 
A girl should study but not go to work
All the knowledge but you better seem like a dork
Learn to cook and provide them food 
Take care of the children and teach them good 
Have the knowledge but don't be loud 
The smart girls they think are always outlaws

To any of this I refused
Life is more than that I wanted to prove
I shall live my life as per my choice
And man and child can't rule It, but only advice

Now I'm married to a man and bear a child 
I should be happy yet last night I cried 
After all Mother was right
Even after all that struggle and fight 
I didn't get the life I thought of every night

Student by day, writer by night.
18 year old with not so 18 year old problems.