Forceful Fate

He forced himself onto me,
He just didn't let me feel so free.
The man hitting me was so strong,
Oh, mother. Tell me? What did I do wrong?

My hands held strong and legs spread wide,
I just wanted to run to my room and hide.
Pushed himself inside of me,
Oh it hurts! But wait, I didn't agree.
He left me there all by myself,
And yet another fat book of pain in my shelf.
It didn't last for just the moment,
I was left in such torment.
All you say is “It's alright, move on with your life”
But little did they know my man refused to make me his wife
I wasn't a virgin he complained
Even after all the trauma I had explained
I wanted him to stay and hug me tight
But then realised for myself I had to fight

Student by day, writer by night.
18 year old with not so 18 year old problems.