Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ and sit cross-legged.
I will spread them far apart, do a split,
And dance to the rhythm of your grimaces.

Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ and smile politely.
I will laugh like a hyena.
I will show the world, bared with 32 teeth, the true meaning of happiness.

Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ and stay at home past midnight.
I will turn into Cinderella and throw my one remaining shoe at your head.
All the while galloping towards freedom on a horse I ride better than most of you.

Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ and shut my mouth when not spoken to.
I will become the voice of a hundred million around the globe,
against your injustice.

Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ and marry the one you chose for me.
I will stay single all my life and go on adventures
You could never even think about.

Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ and follow in your footsteps.
I will become the leader you never were and lead the entire world
Against your misogyny.

Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ and stay at home taking care of it.
I will return as your boss, sit on the pedestal
You only dreamt of touching.

Tell me to be ‘ladylike’ one more time,
And I will show you what it is to be a woman

I am student of literature trying to find my place in the world.