Towards A Better World

As most of you find yourself footing in various colleges be it in India or abroad, it is unfortunate that most people equate success in life with the 12th board examination's result. To address the approaching neck-to-neck competition, there is an urgent need to re-frame or define 'success' in today's contemporary time.

Whether a person has to be excellent academically, or should be an amalgamation of skills, practicality, intelligence, or should be interplay of EQ and IQ, the definition of skills prerequisite to success is still undefined. The ultimate aim of life is not to get higher percentages and to get into the college of your choice. The aim has to be bigger, and beyond the contours of the norms laid down by our society. The challenging part is to stand out from the monotonous way of old thinking, the similar thought processes, and travelling on the same path in terms of profession and way of living.

Even if you weren’t able to score high [marks], that doesn't mean that it is the end of your life.

What matters should be unravelling your inert abilities and skills and trying to polish them everyday. Be a sapien who enjoys exploring life. The sure road to success in life is how the person copes with trials and tribulations with utmost ease, common sense, courage, and a positive spirit, keeping humanitarian values intact. The person has to be meticulous in everything he or she intakes.

Be young at heart and mentally mature in dealing with life.

The struggle of college admissions might give you a tale of anguish but never let it take a toll on your life. Get enrolled in whichever college you get and try to make the maximum out of it, rather than cribbing of not getting the best college. Join societies, participate in various competitions, do social work, and try to meet as many people as possible from wide and diverse groups and environments. This will help you imbibe the most needed skills of leadership, cooperation, problem-solving, communication, reading, a never dying spirit, kindness, and what-not, to steer your life in the right direction.

Cheer up guys, the marks are just a small stepping stone to your new journey of college life. The life is beyond that, if explored properly. Stay happy❤

Before judging me, make sure you're supremely perfect!

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