Thoughts Though

Sun is out, just laying majestically on the landscape,
Birds chirping, insects flying, flowers sprouting in fun colour,
Just giving the earth a natural filter, no edits needed,
So background setting check.

A boy, tall, slender and dark in complexion,
Walks, no moves to the rhythm of his life,
he waves at people, his energy is contagious,
when he smiles, everyone feels the warmth,
suddenly he stops.

In the distance, a girl, long legged,
You can tell she is curvy, no slim thick,
But she hides it in the way she walks,
She walks shyly, head down you can overlook her,
Hiding in the company of other girls,
But her beauty speaks for her, dark and fair skinned,
With eyes that pierce the soul,
She rarely smiles but at a glance she does,
it is breathtaking,
no wonder boy stopped,

Boy after finally catching the breath taken from him,
Regains composure and the rhythm he had on his feet continues,
But this time his stomach wont let him rest, butterflies they say,
He looks at girl again, 
Girl realizes boy has been looking, she’s confused
She thinks less of herself, perhaps no one has ever looked at her like that,
Or her beauty never appreciated and acknowledged by anyone,

He’s looking, she’s avoiding, it's a game. As they get closer,
Boy is preparing his well crafted hello, girl is pretending not to see him,
The anxiety is rising, how will she react, I wonder if she likes flowers,
will he say hello, will he like my art?
Right in the middle of their thoughts, a loud bang is heard,
It’s teargas, the hawkers and police are at it again,
They both run in different directions,
Boy looks back, girl looks back but nothing,
Just like  that, they have disappeared and might not see each other ever again.
Boy disappointed, Girl disappointed,
’I should have walked faster’ boy thinks, ‘I should have smiled back’ girl thinks.
And now we are back to background settings.