You'll learn

And one day
you’ll learn
that this world is not worth the chase.
And, that life has got only one ending.
And you’ll learn,
that you need to burn to glow,
you’ll accept scars of defeat,
And wear them proud.

You’ll learn 
that cosmic heartbeats exist
as the 
rarest and
most beautiful one
will sync with yours.
You’ll learn,
the meaning of true love
as you lose yourself into his nebula eyes.
And one day, my child, you’ll learn
the meaning of felicity
when the aurora of his presence
fills in every dark corner of your life.
And you’ll learn,
that you’re strong,
when you lose.
You’ll need no gardeners
for you’ll learn
to decorate 
the garden of your soul
on your own.
And you’ll learn
that tomorrow never exists
and the answers you’re looking for,
hide somewhere in burrows of today.
You’ll learn,
to give it all in,
for you’ll have to leave this place
you call home.
You’ll learn
that time is running out of hands 
and death is waiting on its heels.
It’ll take a while,
but, my child, you’ll learn.
You’ll learn
to let go
to embrace the grace of a woman
with the strength of a lioness.
You’ll learn
to breathe
after being choked
to stand
after being knocked down
to fight
after taking that dagger in the heart
to see
after being blinded with lies
And when they betray you
you’ll learn
to grasp a spear
against your own kind.
And you’ll learn,
and learn,
with every atom that collides with yours 
and with every break of a string 
you learn. 

Tahniya Imran is an 18 year old aspiring writing yearning for her voice to be heard and a place to confide in, which eventually led her to start writing - it is her happy place. She was born in the city of Mysore to Imran Masood and Asra Anjum, and was brought up in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. She lives in a family of very supportive and affectionate parents and two lovely younger siblings, Heba and Faria.

She attended and completed her education from kindergarten to senior high in Al-khozama International school, Al-Muna International school and International Indian school in the city of Ad-Dammam. She has successfully completed her senior high school and is currently an undergraduate studying for a Bachelors of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology in University of Mysore. She’s looking forward to completing the course and helping the less fortunate by providing healthcare and rehabilitation services. You may learn profoundly about her only through her perpetual writings.

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