I Am

My femininity
Does not lie
In the size of my breasts
Or in the curve of my hips

My femininity
Is not measured by the hourglass
That my figure is expected to be

My femininity
Does not wax and wane
With the amount of hair on my limbs
Or the length of the tresses on my head

My femininity
Is not crumpled or blemished
By the scars and stretch marks on my skin

My femininity
Is not dependent
On the clothes I choose to garb my body with

My femininity
Is not rendered impure every month
By the blood my own body liberates

My femininity
Is not a signboard
Of consent, of submissiveness, of weakness

My femininity
Is not your plaything
To manipulate and dictate

My femininity
Does not conform
To your labels and your standards

I am a contradiction, a paradox
I do not fit into your categories
I am not limited, I cannot be slotted 
I can be both and many.
I am both a tomboy and a diva.
I am both Saraswati and Durga.

I am not a perfect lady
But I am a woman.
The point is simple, really - just two words will suffice... I am.

Words are pale shadows of inextinguishable names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.