It's Okay To Bleed. It's Okay🏵

It's Okay To Bleed. It's Okay🏵

It's okay to bleed. It's okay.
Letting your pains flow away, takes a great courage.

Because, at the end you finally chose to fight for yourself.
You finally chose to heal your broken wings and fly up in the sky, no matter how badly it's bleeding.
Pain and sorrows are never a joke, no matter how silly the reason behind it.
If you're hurt, you're hurt. You don't need to give any clarification, about why it's affecting you.
Emotions don't require any explanation.

There's nothing wrong in being broken. Broken is beautiful. But it's more beautiful when you learn to accept your own broken pieces, and try to fix them once again.
Emotions don't come with publicity, what the world will think about it!

Stop telling those men every time, to kill their pains inside their heart. Why should they? Just because it's a rule for a man to be stronger than a women? Break the stereotypes, every man has the right to break down, to cry their heart out, if they're broken.

Stop telling the girls to hide their menstrual pain, just because the society think it's impure. Stop judging them for talking about their heartbreaks. Stop sealing their lips, about how she was molested, how she was let down by the ones she trusted & how she was beaten up for asking for her independence. She has every right to talk about the things, that's breaking her apart.

If they're laughing at your sorrows, if they're judging the reason of your pains, you're with the wrong people.
You deserve a world where your despair will be valued, no matter how immature the reason behind it is.
You deserve a world where they'll take a stand for your emotions, no matter how foolish they look for doing so.

It's okay to bleed. It's okay to cry.
It's okay to be broken. It's okay to have pains.
You are not just different, you're f****** amazing.
Choose the world that embraces you, with all of this.🏵

Breaking all kinds of stereotypes, with my words.