It's all about the next step

It's all about the next step

Everyone encounters bad phases in their lives. There is no one in the world who is altogether living a perfectly happy life. Everyone has his or her own set of problems. There are many people who are born with a silver spoon but it doesn’t mean that they’ll not encounter any hardship in their life. Survive today because life is all about the next step.

Some people are chasing something or someone, whereas some are lamenting on the loss of their beloved ones, or a simple stuff which are close to their heart - just because they have memories attached to them, which altogether brings the feeling of nostalgia whenever they reminisce about those memories.

Death of a dear person, loss of something, a breakup, being broken, having low self-esteem, or even worse - having no shoulder to cry upon, and no-one to talk with and share all the desires and insecurities. These are just some situations which can make anyone sad and the list is exhausting.

Pain is inevitable. No one can run away from pain. One may choose to deny to feel it but it only makes things worse. We need to devise methods to fight that pain. We can’t leave it as it is. Treating it is the only option. It doesn’t matter how much time it will take, what matters is that you should recover from it and should come out of it like a brave soldier who’s now more strong and will be now more absorbent to shocks life will give.

We all have heard that “time heals everything”. It’s not that time is a pain relief gel or something. It’s that with time, we learn to accept that “yes, we are in pain“, and we try to make sure that things should go with the flow. Sooner or later, we recover from it, even if the degree of pain is high.

With time, we learn the fact that it only depends on us whether we want to deal with those hardships or deny them. One of the main ingredients of healing is self-love. Never forget to keep yourself happy while you’re recovering.

After all, it's all about the next step.