The old man's love

I was traveling on a train enjoying the moving trees and escaping air. I could feel those all fragrances of nature, seeing the nature's beauty I missed myself.

Then, I took a sip of my cold coffee and started to study people around me. Everyone was busy with their mobiles and plugged-in earphones. As everyone laughed insanely at their mobiles, an old man sat talking to a photograph. I observed him for more than an hour. He talked, laughed, cried and finally, saw me staring at him.

He came to me and sat beside me showing his wallet. It was a young lady's photograph. Looking at me he said, “She is my wife in her teens. She used to be so hilarious all the time. Do you know what she said during her last hours!?” I still stared at him with no word. He continued, “She said that, I'm not gonna have "that" feeling enough as she had it. At that time, I didn’t understand anything, so I just caressed her hair and she left the world with a smile.”

Then I asked him what was 'that' feeling she had the most. The old man looked at me, teardrops fell over his cheeks, and he said, “her feeling was PAIN. We, in our relationship had more breakups than those dramatic love scenes. Every time, I was the reason that we fell apart but never she asked me to change my behaviour. Every time she was the one who apologized for my mistakes.She is the one who made me complete. She is the one who made me man. She is my precious doll. She took all the responsibilities and arranged our marriage. She made a beautiful family for me. She took care of me until her last breath. She is my wife. She is my life. She is mine forever though she isn't in here. I miss her like hell and I pray to God to take me to my wife as soon as possible. This is her life - she gave all of her to me… And in her absence, I feel incomplete. I feel homeless, I feel devastated, I feel lost...'

That is what true love is.. that old man's love is totally an Evangeline, his love is his wife.

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