Khush Rhna Seekho :)

Someone once said to me: ‘khush rhna seekho’ and that thing, that damn thing remained stuck in my mind from that time till now. I thought that do I look so wretched that people would suggest this to me? But up to some extent, they were right, actually much more than that.

The day after that day, I constantly thought about the question of ''how to remain happy or where to find happiness”. Then another day, I got my answer from the experience of someone. That someone said:

''If the climax of your story hasn’t been reached yet, this doesn’t mean that you will add another failure in your life but rather that you have to prepend another goal to your life''.

So the substantial goal, one should have to follow is: “to put all the energy into the things that makes you happy. ” I will explain how this quote is relevant to my search of happiness.

When you want to meet someone but could not find your or their schedule in favor of, when you want to apply for a certain specific role but will not be selected in the end, when you want to be like your role model but cannot find means to do it... These all make you exhausted, frustrated and in the end demotivated and you put a full stop to your thirst of wishes. I would suggest you rather put a question mark after your every achievement as this will help you not settle in one or the lowest level of your ladder of success.

To make someone smile, to ease the struggle of others, to give someone a helping hand and to be a ray of hope for the demoralized souls are the roots of happiness for me. Experience it - why not… and those who already consider themselves of being sunshine to others, add other ones to that list too because someone once too became sunshine for you. Believe it or not, but this happens.

Anyway, this quote summarizes my views like this:

''Happiness isn’t served in a plate by life to you, but you have to make your life such that you become the one who served this plate to others. And that’s by how, you can achieve the zenith of contentment and happiness.''

I am an Engineer by profession & an artist by passion. To aspire others by my writings is my goal.
Stay Happy!