An Open Letter To Everyone Who Thinks 'Periods' To Be A Curse!

An Open Letter To Everyone Who Thinks 'Periods' To Be A Curse!

Dear Society,
WE can do everything but can YOU bleed?

It's bravery when he bleeds but impurity when she bleeds! Do you know a women's cycle? Do you know the pain she faces each day during that week? Do you know how to harness each phase of her cycle?

Knowing how her body reacts during that phase is a way to grow closer to her and be in tune in her natural experience. “It is the only blood not born from violence, yet it's the only blood that disgusts you”*. Her blood isn't a sign of impurity. Her blood isn't a sign of dirty secret. Her blood isn't against your god. Girls are simply humans. Don't teach them that their periods make them otherwise.

"We have empowered the girls" said the society. But not as empowered as to talk boldly about their periods, sighed the whispers in the black plastic. Why do we treat sanitary pads as a radioactive isotope? Why are they wrapped with newspaper and black plastics? Is it a fact that society will read 'whisper with wings' and get collapsed? Grow up society!

There is no need to whisper for a 'whisper' at any shop. Yes, we wear sanitary pads when we bleed, just like the way we wear our own clothes. Bleeding is a blessing. God made the girls, the women, to bleed just because he knew they are the only strongest creatures surviving on this mother earth. Do you have any idea about the circumstances she faces during that phase?

Those pains, those cramps are like a free sample of what giving birth feels. It's like the flame of hell, she vomits, she suffers from severe backpain, still she bleeds without dying. And you call her weak? Just remember, you exist because we bleed. We were always taught to be private about our blood, like it's shameful and gross. But it's high time to dismantle that idea.

Our blood is life giving, nourishing , renewing and beautiful. It needs to be respected and honoured. When she goes through that phase, gift her her favourite chocolate, hug her, embrace her soul. When she's down in pain, take her to a warm coffee date and make her smile again.

[To girls] Break the cycle of hating your cycle and learn to love it. Bleeding is a blessing. Bleeding is beautiful. It is a part of you and you are beautiful.

*Maia Schwartz