A Note to The Old Self Pal

Why'd you betray?
I'd given you all the reasons,
To go with me.
Why'd you choose that only reason,
to go on your own?
Why'd you clip my heart
While I was ready for the sky?
You considered me a rose,
put me between pages
you were never going to read.
You skipped!
I withered.
And because I withered,
you began crippling.
Drink it in. Swallow it down. Rain it down.
When you'll rain fire again,
I'll know peace has come.
Now, just shed your thick skin
And let chaos pass through.
Don't be a stranger to yourself;
let you love me because I'm the one
who emerged from catastrophe
while you're still in, looking for a hand.
Come out. Breathe in.
Because I want my life. I really do.

Kakali is a budding writer and a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Botany (Honours). She lives in Odisha, India.