The Storm

I stand there, at the end of the cliff
Where just looking down makes me feel sick.

Suddenly the thunder roars and lighting strikes;
I jerk back to my senses
And realize, I was just about to take my life.

Shocked and petrified I take a step back;
Fall down on the ground, with disbelief I stare blank.

I go numb, unable to move an inch
Those nightmarish memories haunt me and cut me deep.

Slowly and steadily once again the pain I feel
Tears stream down my cheeks as the rain pours in.

My heart aches with sadness and grief unsaid,
But flashes of family and friends come before my eyes,
The happy memories beg me to return by.

The cool rain drops make my burning skin feel nice somehow;
My head clears just like the black clouds in the sky,
And my face lights up as the first ray of light hits the ground.

An inquisitive soul with many questions in search of brain food!