To The Man I'll Marry

To The Man I'll Marry

Good evening babe ☺
Well I'm certain you haven't met me but since we are gonna spend some time or maybe a lifetime together, there are a couple of things I should lay off..

So to the man I'll marry...
5% or maybe 95% of the time you desire to marry a queen or maybe a princess..
But in this context babe... I'm more of Anabelle 😏
I don't fancy dresses...heels and a walk in the park 😏
I'm more of a let's stay at home and order some pizza☺

You'll probably ask me to accompany you to your meeting and seek my opinion on your projects
But I have this rehearsals in head...on how I'm just gonna smile and say "you are right babe... You don't need to seek a second opinion"
Reason being... From my childhood I wasn't taught to be vocal enough
I confided my words in a cage and swallowed a lump in my throat.. For the better

And on some days if not all days you'll get the urge to file for a divorce koz babe.. I'm a whole lotta things ☺☺and you'll feel frustrated I know 😁
On days like those... I'd be a 5 and you'll be a 95..I know I won't be able to meet you half way.. And I'm gonna drain every ounce of energy you got...

But babe...
I will support your dream☺...i mean I'll make you breakfast in the morning and tell you... "Go kick some ass"❤

And if love was a pill... I will swallow a whole pharmacy and drown in each tablet...
For you❤

And I'm sure we will have third...fourth and maybe fifth parties 😂
But babe... I will nurture each one of them...

I might not be a princess or a queen

But maybe a title just above it❤

A broken girl trying to heal from the words of her life story.