Love & Always Love 🌸

Love & Always Love 🌸

// "Why always love, love, love & love?"

Because once upon a time, when all my stars were breaking down, a moon lightened up my sky. 
Once upon a time, when a selfish alien gave me a heartbreak, an angel taught me to fly.
Because when I lost all my reasons to fall in love anymore, he came from nowhere & settled my shattered world. 
Because he is my brightest moon, the perfect angel who taught me the ultimate definition of love. 

It's not that a third person doesn't bring any misunderstandings, it does. 
It's not that past stories don't break us apart, they do.
But what makes everything alright at the end, what keeps us attached forever is always love. That ultimate love. 

Everything in this world settles down, the moment I sit with him silently, watching the waters flowing down all our pains away, the birds singing our favorite memories and the trees waving as if dancing to the song of our love.

It's not that our relationship is perfect like that of movies, but our love surely is. 
Maybe he won't be a part of my future, maybe he won't be a part of my most beautiful forever. 
But there's a part of my most honest soul, a part of me, that'll always love him. Even when it's impossible to do so. 

Because I know whatever may come between us, he'll still walk that extra mile, just to keep me protected. 
Love, love, love & always love. Because in the world where it's only about physical attachments, he's the only person who begs to god every night, for my happy day." 

Breaking all kinds of stereotypes, with my words.