Dear Blind Love

Dear blind love,
The world doesn't have a face, yet it wears a mask. Not just A mask. The faceless world wears as many masks as it pleases, masquerading around as a lover today, a heartbreaker tomorrow; a saint today, a cynic tomorrow. A human rights activist today, condemning humans tomorrow. Is it not ironic? 

Dear blind love,
How many faces did you have to change to appear before different people?
People with differing perspectives; people who couldn't be human enough to respect differences?
How many cloaks of purity do I need to wear to be acceptable?
I was born a crime, because I chose to love a woman.
The very same people who paraded around in PRIDE outfits last June came out to attack me - came out to attack US, because our love was not acceptable to society.
OUR love. Was not acceptable to SOCIETY.

"But I'm a woman in love
And I'll do anything
To get you into my world
And hold you within..."

While the pretentious "perfect couple" sets #couplegoals for Instagram, you and I are expected to not exist. We are expected to hide...but love is too beautiful to hide. True love is too fearless to deny it's existence, even if the masked society is too afraid to accept it.

But I'll shout it out loud: LOUD and PROUD.

Aiming to be a whisper in the howling world.