She Is Not 'The Rape Victim', She Is A Warrior

She Is Not 'The Rape Victim', She Is A Warrior

You are living in a society where you consider RAPE as a crime, but you free the rapist. You ask for death penalty, but  forget to console the girl. You sympathize with the survivor by asking her pathetic questions that only increase her in pain. You called her the "VICTIM OF RAPE". I wonder how could someone be so cruel to called somebody a "victim" who is already going through a disastrous storm .The word "VICTIM" keeps reminding her the pain she is trying to hide and she is going through.

You show this world that you care by saying "shame on you RAPIST" but you have no shame for yourself for making and sharing videos of the girl, who was unconscious just after being raped. Is it what proves you pious? Is it what proves that you have taken a step for the girl?

You feel so proud for making the videos and having proof that “a girl was actually being raped" and thrown on the ground. Shame on you, instead of covering her and considering her your own sister or daughter, you have destroyed her life. Ask yourself what if she was your own daughter, sister, cousin or wife. Will you be going to do the same ? Will you keep sharing her videos and pictures for the sake of bloody awareness . Is that what you called awareness?

I know public demonstrations and marches empower people by showing them that there are thousands of people who want justice for her. I am not against JUSTICE I am against the way you display "the warrior" . Yes, she is the warrior as she is in a battle field 24/7. Please do these marches and  protests by sharing public messages not by sharing her pictures and videos. It only humiliates her and don't even dare to call her VICTIM or any other related words.

She is a survivor who is constantly fighting her inner self.

I am a human who just wants to create a difference.