Societal pressure is constantly on women

Societal pressure is constantly on women

Society, the mother of all customs and laws. Society that bypasses the nature's laws. For the society understands what it 'wants' to understand. 

The girl is raped and thrown in the streets, maybe murdered, maybe sedated, who knows. The society will term her as a 'slut' for she was roaming around with men and having fun, or maybe drinking, who knows?

The woman wants to speak out, for her dignity, the storm that came on to her. The touch she didn't ask for. But, the society shushed her. Why? Women are not supposed talk about rape. 

Mothers often fail to teach their girls, the difference between a good touch and the 'bad' touch, why? Oh! We won't let our girl loose late at night. The women of the society shame her for murdering her flower, but what about that man who is loose now, celebrating his masculinity. The victim is shushed, for who will marry a 'damaged' girl?

Who will fulfill or go against a social stigma?

Now, the question is who is the biggest enemy, patriarchy or women themselves?

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