When I was a little girl, I used to spend a huge amount of my time respecting humans. I used to believe that men and women were one and the same, because why not? Isn't that what has been taught to us all along? Men and women were both humans with hearts that pump blood in their body. Well, news flash, they aren't the same.

Men are different and so are women. To all those feminists out there, I want to tell you that men are different. To all the naive people who distinguish between their sons going to schools and daughters staying at home, you are right. Men and women are different, but not for the same reasons as you imagine. We women have an organ called our breasts, it's just a part of our body you know? Just like our eyes and nose, we have an extra feature called breasts. The breasts that a newborn baby feeds upon, when hungry.

But now, we have monsters chasing them. Monsters trying to feed on them, while we women hide our body and run away. We aren't usually allowed to talk about them, cause talking about them would make people “uncomfortable” (that's just sugarcoat for horny) and make us women appear “slutty". God created men and women in two different manners, for the purpose of making love and bringing a new soul on this land of misery. But men think of their “masculinity” (in other words, their penis) and somehow, these organs that men possess are always hungry. They seem to be like a vicious wolf, who just want to prey on the little lambs.

Did you know? Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India, and over 26,000 cases of rape have been reported in India. Also, another interesting piece of trivia, almost 98% of these were committed by a person known to the victim. I wonder who are worse, the 98% to do such a thing to someone who trusts you, or the other 2% to do it to a stranger in the bus.

Funnily, whenever a rape case is talked about, a new hashtag called “NotAllMen" begins to trend on social networking. Later, they turn out to leave the society of NotAllMen for petty reasons such as “She didn't love me back.” Well, you didn't love her either, you know? Or you would never do such a thing.

Dear NotAllMen, it's good that you're trying to help us feel safe. But your efforts are worthless to us. Not because we don't trust YOU, but because there are other men who are not a part of you. Instead of justifying yourselves to us, try to get the victims justice. That would make a bigger difference to all of us.

Elderly women are weak, working women are in stress, teenagers are scared, babies are speechless, let us be. If your penis wants some action when you see an attractive woman walk by, first ask your heart to feel something.

The cases of Nirbhaya and Asifa don’ surprise us anymore, loyal men do. I think it's high time to change it back to the way God meant for it to be.

Student by day, writer by night.
18 year old with not so 18 year old problems.