Relations Which Matter

Never let a person who is your source of light go away from your life.

You never know [if] this light was important to end darkness. This light could be your happiness and used to provide a sense of upliftment, validation, love, care and support. Don't give up on people who were close to you but are not now. Try to get everything back on track and give a new start to your broken relationship / friendship. Try to communicate your feelings even if you are not in the mood to. Don't let your ego ruin everything. Don't expect that the other person will try to make efforts to get things normal, if you want the other person back to your life then you have to take this first step.

Every relationship needs warmth, nourishment and equal efforts from both sides to make things work. You will never understand the value of someone's sunshine until it goes away and you're left numb and in void condition. It's never too late to late to kick start a new beginning!

In this world full of selfish minded people, don't dare to leave a person who loves you unconditionally. Those rare gems will make your life easy and will give you strength whenever you encounter tough times. Keep your own tribe close to you even if a little bit of drifting starts taking place!

You will be, and are going to be, connected through hearts if you were truthful and loyal to the other person ❤️, and the person is surely going to return if he/she is meant to be in your life. Never rush. Stay cool and happy because everything happens for a reason 💛.

Before judging me, make sure you're supremely perfect!

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