A woman in a man's world

A woman in a man's world

I was born and raised in Nairobi in a middle class family… Went to private schools all my life. I am a brilliant brain, hence the saying beauty with brains actually refers to me. I have two degrees and going for my PHD or maybe another masters. Will see. My educational background is film and animation production. However, my work experience is mostly marketing, brand management, account management etc.

I have worked behind the scenes in the media industry for around 8 years and most of the people who do such kinds of work are mainly men. Once you start flourishing, you are automatically considered as "sleeping with the boss". I have heard that so many times, but the truth still remains "hard work pays."

I have seen so many women doing it - no judgement passed whatsoever because that is the life they chose. However, when you don't open the jar for the boss no more that's when the job ends. I am not ugly, I mean they hit on me, but from long time my career matters more than a mere 5 mins of cum.

I have literally slept at work so many days to deserve my fast tracking promotions. I don’t wait for things to be handed to me, I take them. I don't wait for my man to buy and fill the table, I build him the table. I have walked out on so may relationships because I cannot build the table for you, fill it and feed you - so level up or get out! The only reason I can do that is because I AM THE TABLE. I have my money, my independence and I work hard for it.


It is never easy in a male dominated industry and the worse things ladies do, when they cannot get to your level they tear you down to theirs. Women need to stop working against each other but rather with each other. That's the reason why I have very few female friends. I would rather befriend men who think that giving me the secret to success is nothing because I won't get as far, only to take everything from them.

We need to to focus on us and only at what makes us the best version of ourselves.

I am an international marketer, film producer and director. I am 27 years old, Kenyan.