Life Of All Women's Colleges

So that's my beautiful college, Miranda house. Nurturing a curious longing within me regarding what is college life and making me independent and empowered is what my college did.

From a fistful of memories, I would like to be the voice of every woman with the tale of a girl's life in a non-coed college. It is heartening for me to say that an all girl's college can do wonders for you and is an altogether a different experience.

Firstly, there is no peer pressure of behaving in a certain way defined by the society. You can be yourself every time. You can be bold, be an extrovert, an introvert, be shy, studious, lazy, childish and what not. You're not judged of being a free bird of your rules and regulations. With earnestness of meeting new people across colleges, you end up having cordial and friendly relations with any gender.

Secondly, you dress according to your style, choice and comfort. In this patriarchal society, men need to understand that not all women dress up to impress them. It all depends on their mood and availability of clothing. She can come dressed up very beautifully or in her loose pyjamas,shorts or chemise.

Thirdly, things like discussing female issues like menstruation, rape, sexual harassment, female foeticide or mutilation, inappropriate behaviour by society, can be discussed without any hesitation. It's the utmost privilege of staying the real version of yourself in the environment of upliftment, nourishment, empowerment,and support, with an accommodative nature catering to all needs. You never feel overpowered or overshadowed.

In such a healthy environment, you learn, grow, experience, and gain recognition in unprecedented ways. We take pride to uplift each other in many ways. Rankings and accolades of colleges are temporary, but the values we imbibe like teamwork, leadership, self love, compassion, growth, sensitivity, and empathy are everlasting. It vehemently discards disrespecting women and depriving them of equal opportunities.

As pages of life unfolds, you see an evolved version of yourself. These remain the hallmark of you forever - wherever you go! And we contribute every bit of ours to make this world a better place of living everyday!💛

More power to all females!🌸

Before judging me, make sure you're supremely perfect!

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