We exist

We exist

Lost in the corridors of  creaky libraries

In the shallow beam of light

Shining through the cracks of towering aisles

A warm ray of enlightenment


Writers, poets and thought provoking Musers

We're a lot more than we say to be


Sometimes rational debaters

And sometimes silent observers

Sometimes voracious story tellers

But sometimes a distressed wallflower


We exist

In all forms, shapes and sizes

Taming our souls to not judge ourselves

Demean ourselves

For the complexion that has stained our skin

The scars that have painted our face

And the knots that have tangled our hair


We are born and reborn

Wearing masks over masks

Sometimes a shimmery alter ego

And sometimes a glum face of despair

Shedding out our skin every single day


We exist in the edges of broken hearts

Sewing up the tear in our chests

And wiping off the blood


We're a lot more than we say to be


We're in the rainbow of every homosexual soul

We're in the hidden tears of every depressed child

And We're in the voice of every true feminist


Existing in the leaves of musky pages

Existing in the cascade of ink

In the peripheral of literature


Writers, poets, thought provoking Musers

We mean more than what slips our tongues

And we are a lot more than what meets your eye

I am unabashedly expressive with words. I don't just write, I leak.