An open letter to my younger self...

An open letter to my younger self...

Dear 18 year old Huma,

Today, I want to tell you all those things that I wish someone had told you earlier.

I can see a vulnerable, emotional, caring, sensitive and compassionate girl trying to hide her real personality behind a bumptious, cold, strong and indifferent face. I want to tell you that it’s perfectly okay to be vulnerable sometimes. Don’t be scared to show the world what you actually are.

I remember how everyone call you insensitive, emotionless and careless while you were just too shy to express your feelings. I want to tell you that it’s okay to express your sentiments bluntly sometimes!
Huma, I want to tell you that no one in this world can be more sincere and reliable then your parents. Don’t prioritize any other relationship over your parents. Your parents are not your enemy, they can never be. Don’t take them for granted. Listen to them!

I can clearly see how distracted you are and this is the only thing that is breaking my heart. You should focus on your studies. Don’t forget your goals and dreams. Don’t let people around you distract you. Have my word, you’ll be regretting this even after a decade!

My dear younger self, stop wasting time in chasing people. You don’t need to do anything to please others. Your priority must be to keep yourself happy and satisfied. Invest in yourself. Give yourself that respect that you want others to give you. Love yourself and everyone around you will love you and accept you too!

Darling, don’t fall for the honeyed words and fake promises. Learn to look into the souls instead of plastered faces. Never accept a person with sweet words and toxic actions. And yes, accept your flaws too. Don’t cover them and don’t justify yourself every time. It’s okay, you are just a human being. You too have flaws like any other person. It’s okay to accept and correct. Control your anger. Break this artificial shell of coldness that you have created yourself. Come out of your comfort zone and interact with the people around you.

Don’t worry when people misunderstand you. They don’t know the real you. And those who do not try to approach the real you and still pass judgment about you, believe me they are not worth your tears. Don’t cry. Go easy on yourself. Don’t be harsh with you!

And last but not the least, you are beautiful as you are. Your protruding teeth or rough curly hair or extremely skinny body don’t make you less pretty. You are the best and don’t let anybody convince you otherwise.
From your 29 year old self.

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