Hey, I Am Average, What's Your Superpower?

In a world where everyone is running in the rat race for money, prestige and fame, we all are somewhere forgetting to celebrate ourselves and our abilities. We live for earnings and never really bother about the kid that we all have inside - but that should not be the way of life, in my opinion.

A few days back, I wrote a letter to my colleague about life and how I am really missing her original sense when she joined the office and today when she's dwelling into office papers. The letter was all about her, but it also helped me to realize that while I was writing it all to her, I was actually jotting down points that I felt were missing from my life too.

As we all know, this era is fast and modern, and we should be smart like our cell phones and perform well on every manifesto of work, as mother, as a daughter, as a co-worker, as a wife, and as a reliable woman of society, but in all these processes, we’ve lost ourselves. We need to pause everything (like everything) to get that young, free spirited, beautiful, strong girl back in form.

When I handed [my colleague] the letter, I reminded myself, ‘you are more than you think and you should tell this to other women as well that you guys are strong. You go girl..’.

There are a few points that are listed below from my letter and hopefully you will be able to connect to it.

Daily reminders for all my lovely ladies
- I have so much to offer and to be happy about.
- I am willing to occasionally celebrate myself in the initial stage and after that I'm gonna celebrate myself daily.
- I will have sensitive and sensible conversations with my soul, and work on areas that need my attention.
- I will compliment my heart and soul for being nice to people and strong at times.
- I will recognize my downfalls and I will work on them.
- I try to be my first best friend and best critic.
- I am an over dramatic, emotional woman and I love that too so stop making me feel weak in my knees due to my abilities.
- I will be happy about small things and observe bigger picture.

Because I am an average girl and I like that. Being Average is my superpower. You know why? Because I am not out of box as I really want to live in box and get connected to many people on a deep level.
Being Average is my asset. Because I want my family, friends and even strangers to teach me new things everyday. I am open to learning new things and I want to help more and more people each day.
Being Average is my best part. Because I feel that I am not above anyone and I am not less than everyone and when you say that I am just like other girls I'm happy about it. Because women are the same, it’s just your mental observation where you discriminate against us.
Average is my Superpower.

Hopefully you will like these thoughts. Dwell on them each day and do as much as possible in life for serving people.

I am an average girl with a powerful voice to empower women around the world. I am bit talkative and charming in my own ways.