Women Empowerment is NOT Over

Women Empowerment is NOT Over

Hi. I am a woman. I am a young woman.
I am currently living around a society that believes that women empowerment has been overdone, that the fight for The Woman has been done for so many years. Quite frankly, I don't even think it's been done enough.

Here in my country, lies the greatest chauvinist of all time, who believes that women cannot work hard enough to get to the top. He believes that everything that a woman gets, she gets because of prostitution. He believes that women use more of their vaginas than they use their brains. And guess what, he goes ahead and names women, "PUSSYPRENUERS". He disgusts me so much.

Women are sunshine, they give this world so much light. Women are flowers, they keep blooming and the more they do, they more the world becomes a beautiful place. Women are the reason the world is. Even God himself, creator of everything in the earth saw that man was nothing without the woman. And there he saw it fit to give Eve to Adam. So why the oppression? Why is the world so quick to discriminate against women? Why is the world so quick to think that men can do better than women?

It's sad that at this present time and age, we are still talking about sexual harassment. Stories where men rape women as old as their grandmothers or mad women in the streets are just so hard to take. What manner of inhumanity!

I am only 18, I've not faced so much discrimination, but from the stories I've read, I know what I might face in the nearby future. Walking into offices and getting judged immediately I get there because of being a woman. My opinions getting overlooked because I am a woman. But I'm not willing to face any of that, not when I have the strength of a lioness flowing through me.

So yes, women empowerment should continue. Child birth should be made free. Breast and cervical cancer awareness should spread like wildfire. Disabled women should get jobs. EVERYTHING GOOD FOR THE WOMAN!

Because without the woman, the world wouldn't have been! Women are expected to be quiet, to not say anything. But forgive me, forgive me, for being so loud and so angered. Forgive me for fighting for using this time to write this instead of playing Fantasy Wedding or Candy Crush. But, I am unapologetically a feminist. And I am proud to be a woman.

Thank you for your time.