A Woman

A woman is an art of perfection that took time to be created by God. Man had to slumber, a rib taken from him and a flower to bloom to be his companion. Yes, a woman is a gift to man and also a part of him. Then why make a woman less important?

She is beautiful, fertile, strategic, emotional, and a pillar in a man's life. Maybe emotions block a woman's decision - they make her sympathize with the situation as she relates to the problem. But is it wrong to feel and hope in a world full of chaos? Is it wrong to have faith in something good? Is it wrong to be a woman?

She is a burning rose. Beautiful on the inside but a flame on the outside. If you get close, she may burn you... but persevere and see the beauty inside. Thorns are her walls because she has been taught she's unworthy. You'll prick yourself when you try to tell her otherwise.

She is tired of a society that looks down upon her because she is a woman. She is thirsty for justice and freedom, she is thirsty for knowledge and power, she is thirsty for love... she wants more.

She hopes day by day... but her petals are withering.

I’m young, still fresh and blooming. Give me a chance to hope for a better future.

With every curve that makes me a woman, I'll stand for equality and rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I will thrive, for I am beautiful, talented and strong.

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