Letter to My Lost Love

Letter to My Lost Love

Reminiscing about the moments we shared
If only I could turn back the hands of time
Stop the tables from turning
I would make it alright
And call you mine all night

The scars I left on you they see
But the love I still have for you I only see
You told me how much you loved me
But my heart was used to being broken
Picking up the pieces was your motive
Unknowingly I scattered the pieces
But little did I know I was pushing you away

You promised we would make it against all odds
Calling it old fashioned, I refused to take the oaths
You swore to prove your love for me in all ways
Catching a grenade for me you assured
I repeatedly said, "Stop being a musician you're not Bruno Mars"
But you said you'd take our love to another planet; your dream was Mars
I would look at you and gnash

It's true, you do not know what you have till it's gone
All those nights you cried yourself to bed
I wish I could be your pillow
All those lonely nights you spent
I wish I could take them back
To tell you how much I truly loved you within
Deep within i could make wishes for us
No one can believe, but the stars heard them all

I wish you could come back to me
I know all I did was being mean
My heart wasn't ready for true love
I promise to build a bridge from my heart to yours
You must be weak with all the torture I gave
But my love for you is too strong
I will be the one to cross over
I know this is hard for you
You might tell me to go to hell with my letter
But I will still send if from there

My lost love come back to me

Zuleika Nanguwo works™
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A holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Blantyre International University, Malawi. She’s a writer, a motivational speaker, an actress, a model, and a feminist.

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