Regret In My Tears

This is more than a piece of art
For I'm about to speak from my heart

Looking back at the good moments we shared I swear it's you I miss
Staying up late looking for a shooting star just to make a wish
Wishing for you to come back, yes all the plans we made are still written on the list
I am sorry I messed up but I didn't want you to leave

You may choose to laugh it off for it may sound as a joke
But before the heavens and earth, my witness is God
Believe me when I say my love for you is pure as gold
Gold that can never be replaced
A love so true, only angels can relate
I still want you and I cannot pretend

Anger, complaints, selfishness, My Ego
I was so high now I'm on a zero
Wishing to be saved, please be my hero
I let a good man walk away
One of the lovebirds just flew away

Forget Nicki Minaj's song but hey I'm regretting in my tears
I do not want to feel this feeling for years
Losing you was one of my fears
And you made me face it

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Zuleika Nanguwo Works™

A holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Blantyre International University, Malawi. She’s a writer, a motivational speaker, an actress, a model, and a feminist.

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