The Scar

Yes, I’m talking about the beautiful scar that we as women carry after the birth of a child through a C-Section.

A C-Section is a beautiful story of a mother and the baby, where the child is so stubborn to come out, or it’s like the child loves the mother so much that they don’t want to leave the place where they spent about 9 months.

The scar speaks a lot. Though the mother doesn’t experience the labour, it is still a victory.
My mom said, each and every stitch, the stretch marks, and the sleepless nights that we went through have a story to tell and are worth the pain when we hear you calling us ‘mama’. You see the horizontal scar on my tummy looks like a smile, and the reason behind that scar is you.”

Haha!! She is super proud of the scar because I grew up to be a better human today.

In a few places, women are still judged for giving C-Section births. The birth of a child, irrespective of the method through which they were born, should make the mother no less of a goddess. It’s just another birth method and nothing less. How a baby is born is never a problem when compared to the fact that you gave birth to a miracle. The scar can be a screenshot for the rest of their lives for all the mothers who went through a C-Section operation.

C-Section operations are not scary ones but are sure not an easy task for mothers. Every mother wants to go through the labor pain in order to get the feel of the childbirth, but when the baby is breech, multiple deliveries are to take place, or the baby is experiencing complications, then the chance of C-Section increases.

Only supermoms can own the scars like pros and flaunt them like it’s their favourite scar.

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