It's All Momentary

It’s all momentary.

Period. Yes, because it concludes on this. The theory of happiness or sadness is maybe defined verily but is concluded at this momentary concept. People strive for happiness. They go to ends to satisfy their soul or find that particular thing which changes their mood altogether and makes them happy, but they are aware of the fact that it can’t be held on to. You have to let go of it just in another moment and enter the other which is not predetermined to be happy or sad.

One thing which is lasting and real, is the uncertainty of moment. Not being able to define the moment or categorize it into happiness or sadness. Positive psychology insists onto searching for happiness even when your phone is snatched. Yeah I know it’s absurd. That’s what my teacher used to say and made us laugh ‘momentarily’. You do not understand it until you really overcome the sadness and step into experiencing something extraordinary for you. Yes, happiness.

So, on days when it feels like you can eat up anyone who comes in front of you or tries to communicate with you, know that it is momentary. You must know the feeling, when in angst you spurt out on someone not realizing the damage it can cause. The very next moment you know you did wrong. But it is as useless to curse yourself as to cry over spilt milk. The art of dealing with momentary angst is to observe first. To observe whether this is going to last or whether this dangers your repute. If not, this does not need your abrupt reaction.

Take your time, smirk, maybe smile. You are doing this to confuse the other person while in actual you are planning out the response in your head. It is always better to not give an abrupt emotional or physical reaction - saves you from a lot troubles that originate from your response. When you realize it is momentary, you will not be bothered or angered by it. But yes, let me be clear. I do not expect you to not react where it is needed. You simply won’t spare the woman in line at the grocery store who tried pinching you daughter’s cheeks - she is simply not to be spared. But some of us still have enough manners to spare such people and bless them with our ignorance. I would like to mention that all this needs to be learned and practiced. But, I assure you of the peace it adds to your aura.

The momentary debate continues with the mentioning of fear and pleasure. I believe, momentary peak experiences, extreme joy, and physical satisfactions involve fear and pleasure. Yeah, you got that right! The absolute momentary experiences always involve fear and pleasure together. Take it as, you are trying the cigarette smoke for the first time, have been announced winner at a debate competition, or your crush looked you in the eye and smiled. Let me not mention the physiological reactions fear and pleasure enlighten you with. But you do realize by now that fear goes parallel with pleasure.

Let us hope I apply this theory to every possible experience in life. The pleasure I have ever experienced was accompanied by fear. It isn’t that I have not had good experiences considering fear alongside, in fact it adds to the intensity of pleasure. Without fear, pleasure is plain boring.

I am 24 years old, Clinical Psychologist. I like to read, sing, walk and smile. Enjoying the struggle to accomplish my goals. I write to unburden my mind and to help others struggling with their burdens.