Picking up pieces 
That weren’t there before
Believing in dystopia
And ancient lore
Forgetting yourself
Amidst everything new
Accepting reconciliation
Without a clue

Stepping into the dark
Making silhouettes
Scared of tumbling
Or of getting hit
Still looking for that door
Across the room
Looking for photons 
Is the result of you

Thinking of hurt
Embracing the pain
Loving the sunlight
Waiting for rain
Being unable to decide
What I want more
Cannot pinpoint
What I can’t adore

Wishing to stay 
While keep walking
Trying to speak
When I am talking
Doing all
And yet holding back
Loving white
Understanding black

In this and that
From ground
To the sky
You made me question
You asked me why
You held me close 
And kept me at bay
If I still can’t love
Then there isn’t
Another way

Above the gardens of desires and beyond the horizon of nostalgic lies, I am someone trying to fluently rise.

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