Universe In A Boot

One of the worst things about being born in an Arabic country, is being a GIRL! YES, you did read that right.

Being a girl in such a community is more like a prisoner who is living in a prison. A prisoner who can only live according to specific rules, terms which is called editions. The prison could be an uncivilized country, or a close-minded family, or even gender racism.

Since I was a little girl, I was taught to behave in a specific way because I'm a girl, to dream specific dreams that are only allowed for girls, such as taking a good degree - not to make a successful career, but to marry a good rich man with a high position in society, so I can live happily ever after. My mind couldn't accept it, no matter how much I tried to. And I'm sure that a lot of girls did the same as well.

Girls [here] don't have the right to be independent, to travel all over the world and meet new people, or gain new experiences. Girls are forced to do normal human activities under the role of a man like a father, brother or a husband, and when she gets really old, it becomes the turn of her son. If there are no men, then it’s the mom or the uncles.

The point is, someone always has to be there, to guard her or make sure that she doesn't dishonour her family. Men are able to commit sins as much as women - equally. Both are human! Both are able to do horrible actions! And of course both are able to do useful, honourable actions which can make the world a better place.

After hundreds of years of development and discovering the universe, the third world countries are still [discriminatory] towards a lot of things. They are afraid of changing. They are afraid of losing their way to their uncivilization.

Will open-minded, cultured women living in uncivilized societies have the ability to live as well as any other woman in modern developed communities? Will this wide gap between both [ever] get closer?!

Will it happen today or a hundred years later?!

Egyptian Muslim girl... trying to conquer editions.