Stop Being Quiet

From a very young age, I was very well aware of my rights as a girl. I owe it to my parents that they brought us up in the way that we knew where to take stand for ourselves. We are grown up in a family, where being a girl is a sort of blessing. I never see anyone in my family preferring sons over daughters. I felt proud for this always. Before marriage, I never had slightest of an idea if there are any issues like women abuse or marital abuse or just anything like this.

I always considered marriage as a beautiful relation. And no doubt it surely is.But as I am getting mature, It is truly heartbreaking to see every other girl suffering from the abusive behaviours of her husband or in-laws. And the worst part is, they are bearing this quietly. I wonder how? And WHY?

The problem is, parents grow their girls just for the sake of getting married. It sounds harsh but it is what it is! I feel no shame in saying that still, marriage is considered to be the end of the world. Marriage is set to be the major goal for the majority, either by the pressure of family or their selves or whoever. And after getting their daughters married, parents become totally indifferent, not everyone but 80% for sure.

I don’t blame parents actually, people in our surrounding are responsible for this. If parents support their daughters in any way, they receive backlash that they are spoiling their girls or trying to destroy their daughter’s marriage. And if, they do not support they again have to listen that they do not care for their girls.

But, I want to mention the mistake that most parents make. They do not tell their daughters to stand up for their rights. They do not let their girls raise their voices against violence. They don’t teach their girls to fight for respect. Being quiet against any kind of abuse, be it sexual or physical or verbal abuse, is not an option and SHOULD NOT be an option in any case.

Be vocal about everything unjust. Raise your voice. Support every woman you see suffering from any wrong behaviour. Push them to speak about their rights. This is real women’s empowerment. This is the awareness we need to spread.

Stand against abusive behaviours. Let’s bring the change!

A blogger who intends to bring a positive change in society through her words.

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