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What are Community Picks?

The Team at GirlTable compiles a weekly roll-up called Community Picks, which consists of five reads that receive the highest number of likes and comments* in a given week, based on their publish date.

Reads are published each day from Sunday evening (EST/EDT) to Thursday evening (EST/EDT) - five days/per week.

  • Each day, three to five reads are published at the same time.

  • Our team reviews the reads published on each of those days after 72 hours**, and notes the likes + comments they have received up to that point (72 hours after publishing).

  • The reads with the highest number of likes for their publish dates are added to the Community Picks roll up for the following week, i.e. one read each from the Sunday batch, Monday batch, Tuesday batch, Wednesday batch, and Thursday batch.

The Community Picks are updated on Obaa each Tuesday (EST/EDT), are featured on GirlTable’s social media throughout the week, and are emailed to Obaa subscribers in The Obaa Digest (weekly newsletter).

Community Picks can be identified by the triangle (▲) symbol anywhere they appear on the platform.


So how can YOU help writers make it into the Community Picks? Go through all the amazing reads on the platform right now (+ come back often) and show these superb #womenwriters some love... or in this case... like!


The Team at GirlTable

*The sum of likes on obaawoman.com & likes + (non-writer) comments in The Obaa Circle.

**Each read is given 72 hours.