Wrong One

How are you doing?
And the reply comes "I'm fine"
Doesn't really mean I'm okay,
I want you to look deep into my soul and tell me "Baby, it's not okay"
I want you to search my eyes till I can finally let it out.

But here you are,
Can't relate why I'm mad,
You're so insensitive.

You're always happy,
You think you've found the right one
But I'm not sorry to say "you're the wrong one for me".

You said I should show you how to love me,
But I'm not sorry to say "Love happens"
Boom! You catch butterflies
You get head over heels without comprehension,
You get intoxicated without wanting recovery,
You let yourself drown and don't wish for help,
You accept an overdose because you can't dream of such a loss,
Love is not learnt, it's not an art,
Else, t'will vanish on the morrow.

My heart can't find you honey,
Go find your lover.
I'm gone to he who takes my breath away.

Simple natured but a fun lover.