Epitome of Everything

Epitome of Everything

My love poem

Slaughtered at the alter of love for you

I wonder would you ever bleed for me?

Butchered to grant you the feelings of affection, sliced by razors to feed you with adoration

Bled to the point of drainage

But each drop of my essence bled at your altar screamed loyalty

Loyalty to your green orbs, loyalty to your brown curls, loyalty to your bounty smile

I bled to dictate my life in scouring  for your green orbs

Each essence of my existence gave testimony of my faithfulness

Each part of my body swore allegiance to you

They tore off their ownership from me and nourished by the rhythm of your heart

My soul enslaved to you deity, for me love was always like this

Love was always surrendering

For you were my epitome of everything and you are my epitome of everything

So I pledged to give you my everything

I baked myself as a buffet so you can have a slice of my credence

I poured myself as a wine so you may merry

‘Cause this is how I love, you stood before my own self for me

This is my love where I bury myself each time so you may resurrect

‘Cause you are my epitome of everything, from love to lust, from hate to angst, from desire to passion, from tears to laughs, from ocean to sea, from the back of the moon to the entire universe, from patience to credence, from sorrow to grief, from wounds to cures, from salvation to resurrection, from life to death.

A young writer aiming to soar high

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