Other Girls

I've always seen other girls like they were in another world

One where they never felt odd like I did
A world where everything weird was long forlorn
But I was the only one who thought this indeed
I thought other girls had boys flocking
Everywhere they turned, there was a boy lurking
Of this I could almost swear I was sure
But then I grew and learned it was not so
The other girl down the street was battling drugs
And one had a pregnancy scare every month
And one had a dad she hated.
Today I saw one of the other girls buying the type of chips I liked
When she saw me, she concealed it because it was an odd brand
In her eyes, I realized that in her poem or story, I'd be one of the other girls
We are all like Belle's teacup
All odd.
Only that the chip was in a different corner
For every girl's cup.

Free Spirit🧡