That feeling you are having of unhappiness is really you telling yourself an untrue story of your situation.

That you are being too hard on yourself, huni, relax! It's not that serious.

That you are a 'freak-out-er' naturally. I mean, anything is going to make your heart and mind race, so learn to slow down, breath and even laugh about how easily you freak out.

That you can be as happy as that person you think has hacked this life thing and no you do not need to be like them.

That you are the most generous girl in the world, and the Lord who provided for you till now will not forsake you. So give! Share! Open that wallet and make it rain. According to the budget of course.

That you are so close, too close in fact. Run that extra mile and win this thing.

That you are not the best. I kid you not, someone out there is way better. On the other hand you can have the most fun learning to be as good as them, so quit being hard on yourself. Have fun learning instead.

That your interests are unique to you and those interested in the same things, take your time searching out what you are into, you won't regret it.

Recognize that it is the peace of Jesus Christ that he left as a gift for you who believe, so you ought to be in constant peace. Constant! That is your portion.

These feels, pshh, do not give them the light of day, shake it off. The anger, shake it off. The overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Come on, shake it all off.

That failure is the best thing that can happen to you. It's a step back to see the wider perspective. Yeah... what is failure showing you? What is it that you missed? Trust me, life is full of second chances, it's not over till it's really, really over.

Recognize that you are truly, truly loved (in Michael Buble's voice) and you know that you are. I won't give you the satisfaction of naming names, you bloody know them.

That only you can take extra care of yourself, so protect you, defend you, fight for you. Love you! Fully, unconditionally, respectfully, and any other 'lly' you can dream of.

Recognize that in all things, you are growing, and growth is sweet.

I am here to create a real friendship and not a superficial one with my readers. I want to see my work uplifting many spiritually and inspiring young people to talk through their issues and create a platform for deep heartfelt conversations. In all things my readers will know the truth, the life and the way that is Jesus Christ. Lastly, may my writings be fun to read, creative, widely shared and recommended.