Have You Ever Asked Yourself?

Have You Ever Asked Yourself?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What's the meaning of love?”

Love is a huge word that holds so many meanings within. This four letter word has the power to do many things. It can destroy a person completely and it can fix a person. Love can change people but I can't promise that this change will always be for the best - in many situations the change is for the worst. But is it really worth it? Can I just go with the flow and trust love not to break me or change me for the worst?

It ain't that easy, dude. It's not a light switch that you can turn on or off whenever you like. I wish it was like this but unfortunately it isn't. Love just hits you hard in the face and you don't realize it until you are knocked down on the floor. Love doesn't give you any warnings. Even if you feel that you are falling in love with a certain person and you try to push yourself away, love won't fade away. It's not that easy to fall out of love. So if you find your one true love, don't push those feelings away unless you know the person is toxic.

"It's always beautiful in the beginning"

"Beginnings are always the best"

We hear those sentences on a daily basis. And it's true. The early stages of anything is always beautiful. Everything is really nice before it gets f***** up or complicated. If you ask a person who has just fallen in love and confessed to his/her true love, you will get a really bright answer filled with rainbows and unicorns. You might also feel like you are so desperate to fall in love.

On the other hand, if you ask a person who had been in love recently, you will feel like the world is all dark and black. You can give so many things to love and get nothing but temporary happiness in return. That's the worst kind of love. That's the love that destroys a person. That's the kind that takes away every single thing that was once beautiful inside of you.

Not one bad or good experience can define the true meaning of Love. Some people fall for the wrong ones and falling in love isn't something that we can control. But even if you fell for the wrong person and you got pretty damaged, never give up on love. Love is beautiful with the right person.

I have never fallen in love. I am a hopeless romantic and there are those times when I feel desperate to fall in love, to get a taste of what love feels like. But when love came knocking on my door, I didn't let it in. I closed the door although I wanted so bad to fall in love, I couldn't. I was afraid to get heartbroken.

A close friend once told me "as beautiful as love sounds, it takes a lot of beautiful things from you. It can damage your unique personality and f**** you up pretty bad. I can't guarantee you that it is always good, but when it's good, it's really worth it."

Hey, I am Haidy Wazeery. I am an Egyptian senior student. I am interested in poetry and literature. I am a reader/writer/poet. “Every piece I write, I give it a piece of me."