I heard voices

I don’t know what to do,

Right outside my window

Maybe one or maybe two.

I peeped from my covers

Shadows I saw,

Dark and intimidating

I clenched my jaw.

I flew from the bed

As the window shattered,

In the closet, I hid

With fear my teeth chattered.

I hear footsteps

As they crunch the broken glass,

By the closet door

Their tall figures passed.

I give a sigh of relief

Slow and under my breath,

Thankful they passed me

But worried they still haven’t left.

I hear them opening doors

Searching every room,

Will they leave when they’re done?

Or come back my way soon…

I’m glad I’m home alone

But with no one around to help,

I quiver in fear

And swallow a big fat gulp.

I hear their footsteps coming

Coming my way again,

They pause at the doorway

In my chest, I feel a pain.

The closet doors fly open

One grabs me by the neck,

The other hold my ankles

My heartbeat feels a wreck.

In a panic, I find strength

I never knew I had,

I give my all and fight

They must think me mad.

But somehow, they drop me

I fall to the floor,

In a moment of freedom

I fly to the door.

I hear them coming after me

With all I have I run,

I make it down the stairway

And find my licensed gun.

I pull the trigger one time

Two then three then four.

Before I know it it’s over

The men fall to the floor.

On my front door, I hear banging

I hear my neighbour’s voice,

I open the door quickly

And feel abundant joy.

Now there’s sirens outside screaming

Cop cars on my lawn,

The lights they bring with them

Are brighter than break of dawn.

Panic saved my life

It gave me strength to fight,

In my darkest moment

It gave me the brightest light

Nicole Townsend is a writer from the island of Jamaica who has already published her first book on Amazon titled Serenity: Poems for the Mind. She has also had publications in Harness Magazine and recently she has been awarded the second-place position for the over eighteen age group in the Caribbean and Americas region in the Common Wealth Youth Council’s Unseen and Unspoken poetry competition. She is a well-rounded individual who loves life, is passionate and dedicated.