That feeling of suffocating discomfort. You do whatever you can to make sure you don't fall apart. You switch tears into anger just so that you don't have to go through,

An exhaustive breakdown within yourself again.

Such a feeling cant be escaped

It catches up to you, it comes around no matter how much you ignore it or avoid it.

You close your eyes trying to remember everything that lifts you up

But instead, flashes of all that has gone wrong come gushing through your mind.

Like watching a grotesque movie, within each second, your eyes cringe.

You keep your eyes shut tight trapping that feeling inside. You can't let it escape for

What isn't seen can't be reality.

But the voice inside tells you not to fight back. It urges you to let it go. To surrender to the feeling and let it take over you.

As you open your eyes drops of tears fall down your cheek. Each tear holds it's own memory, each drop has a painful story held within.

The worst of it all is you have no clue why. Why are your emotions taking a turn this way. Why you are filled with this need to burst into tears. And as your mind is battling with questions you have no answers too, your outward body is calm and composed. Wiping away the tears fallen and just wondering why?

If my words can spurge a thought that allows you to fight for yourself, to ask for more from yourself and others, then as a writer, I have succeeded.