May I Ask Why?

Why do you underrate me?
Why do you tell me what I am
Or what I could ever be?
Why do you not tell that to your boys?
Why do I have to earn your trust,
walking a hundred miles more?

Why do you ask me
"Do you even need it!?"
When I talk of superior education for myself?
And then you go around saying
"Girls are stupid!" and " Have you heard her talk about tech at all!?".

Why do you always shut me up
and try to mute my dreams?
You say "it" is not meant for me,
but what is this "it" after all?
I think you mean "it" is everything
That my heart craves for.
My ambitions, my goals mean nothing to you,
You deny me my basic right
To exist and think and want and work
by my will for my life.

Teach my girls
Empower them with knowledge
Watch them learn and grow
into trees that never dry,
bearing fruits for you and all.

Or maybe you're too scared
to see her rise
without your support?
Or are you afraid
she'll treat you like
you treated her before?

I believe in the power of words and communication, and the impact it can bring on the values and perceptions of people. I see myself as a confident and mindful individual with a passion for writing. I enjoy putting into words, the most of everything and everyone. Moreover, I believe learning is a continuous experience and there isn't ever enough of things a person can learn.