My Tea & I Are The Same Shade

Today I'm going to speak,
If necessary I will shout,
There's no filter over this picture,
There's no filter over this mouth.

Something's wrong with this picture,
Maybe the brightness isn't right,
Blow it up with a filter,
You'll look two shades light.
And then add a caption,
About how #SelfLove is right.
And throw around words of wisdom,
About how for our kind we should fight!
What kind I ask? Clearly there isn't only one?!
But don't you worry if you're of colour,
If so, you're considered none.
Too dark is a dirty colour,
Too light is a shade no fun,
The pressure keeps building,
but there isn't anywhere to run.
Don't smile too wide! Don't want your skin to wrinkle!
Where are your fake lashes?
It helps your eyes to twinkle.
Don't laugh too loud,
Keep your eyebrows in check,
Please sit like a lady,
"Body hair? Ew, what the heck?".
When my aunt sipped the tea I made,
She told me not to worry,
That the scars will fade.
She also told me to add more milk,
"That way the tea and you won't be the same shade."
She said to add one and a half spoons of sugar,
That way the sweetness will be just right,
but then out of context told me,
That haldi and rose water will make my skin look white.
She also told me the tea was too strong,
I chuckled.
She looked at me in distaste as if I was the one who had wronged.
I said,
"Aunty didn't it take you too long?
To realize that my tea and I aren't just the same shade, we're both just as strong."

Scrolling through miles and miles of Instagram while having miles and miles of work piled up. Just a brown girl who wants to be heard.