He only loves me when I look good,
when I got my braids in a ponytail tight;
so he could pull on my hair
as if to say he has tamed me,

He likes to look around my body on the daily, fingers dance across my school shirt to find my bra strap,
traces it to my back;
pulls on it and snap.
He's laid claim to my body.

Says he likes to see storm clouds in my night sky eyes.
Says this game we've been playing is going to end soon,
says it to remind me;
he said he would lay claim to my specimen of a body
reminds me
he thinks nothing of my mind,
he is
bursting with all the right energies
to make this second worthwhile,
he knows we aren't meant to be worth while
but he's willing to still get on my ride.

the causality effect of being with you, with me. Suffocate yourself in I dare you's,
let the idea simmer that we both demand to be felt. I'll somersault into the pool of
could have been.
Breath out, it's better this way.
But who cares.