My Favourite Fabric

My Favourite Fabric

Playing my worst distraction,
Your sweet & sour skin a shade darker,
Your smile white & magnetic,
Beautiful features that blend so well with your beautiful face.

A beautiful face I couldn't put a name on,
The beauty of the moon glade passes,
But nothing compares to yours,
Butterflies and bullets.

You are all that I wanted & I couldn't have,
My past recess, great reprieve,
Reminding me of the most beautiful part of my life,
That you were not in.

I was busy chasing the sky,
While the clouds found solace in your eyes,
A treasure throve,
With The Queen's Effect.

I know we met unusually,
I hope there's a slightest serendipity,
That am not wearing my heart out,
To tell of my inspiration.

The dark hold no secret,
Of the deepest recesses of your beauty,
Pliable mind, insatiable desire,
Tulips of your soul only my mind can see.

What good can life bear?
A feeling, or maybe a memory,
Of how bad I want to make some with you,
Shutting out the play of destiny.

Life's pieces I try to fit,
My thoughts I seek within the confines of my heart,
That I'm far away from home,
Home is where you are.

Anything I do, I want to do it well.