Covering my face from cold I skidded in streets

Aim was to search the hidden quest of peace

Held my mittens tightly to keep my hands from cold

Found no solace at home, there’s a screaming match every night at home

My ears pierce on hearing the same cries all night

I’m trolling in streets to search for the peace they all talk about

All I hear in streets are the words my mother covers my ears from hearing

Mulcts here and there

Word shame is on my tongue when I pass these streets

Eyes are blinded by brutality, but hope be my anthem

I’ll scour for peace

I saw the place they call “The School”

But couldn’t even pass the barriers of religion held out at gate

There’s no amity there

Bullies are ready to beat me

If I wail about it all I hear is stand up for yourself and beat them

But there’s no tranquility in being bad to bad

My anthem of hope still on my tongue and I kept trolling, I can’t give my anthem away

So my quest for peace continues

‘Cause what if I give up and there’s no one left who’s searching for peace

I see grenades in the hands of children like apples and mangoes

They eat them and burst into flames

The flashes of beings in front of me

 The breathing lives dead in front of me

I drifted towards sanctuary, an asylum in the shrine

What’s a better harbor than a holy ground?

I gashed on watching the splinters of my asylum being blasted

Where is the peace?

In hysterics and terror I see where I stand

The places around me wrecked

Pools of blood flowing around, ashes and debris all around

I surveyed the whole niche where is the peace

But still hope be my anthem

I have this thought breathing in me that there is someone somewhere who is starting his scour for peace

The quest for peace will never end

I entered God’s acre at the end with the anthem of hope still in mind

Scour was for peace

A young writer aiming to soar high

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