Spare A Second

Could you put your phone down?


For a second, or maybe 2,

Could you just look at me,

And maybe, just maybe see me?

I've been staring at you for hours ,

All you do is look up and smile Or nod when I ask a question,

I don't care about the question, stupid!

I just want you to notice me!

The person here, right beside you.

Do I ask for too much?

All I want is for you to ask how I'm doing,

For you to listen when I answer,

My long, detailed answer

I don't want you to ask me to say it 1 or maybe 5 more times,

I want you to hear me when I speak once.

Don't you see It drives me crazy shug?

There was a time we actually were together,

A time we had long, meaningful, beautiful, soulful conversations,

Now all we talk about is, I don't even know.

Maybe you still care, I don't know,

And soon It won't matter.

What's worse love? You still won't notice.


Beautiful and soulful