Reflections Of Time

Sitting by the window of my room one evening,
as the sun sets and the golden skies begin to grow dark and lonely,
I embark pondering upon a sudden idea that struck my mind -
individuals who are not slaves to a humanly creation called time,
individuals who dwell unbounded by this notion.

I continue to contemplate further to question the limitlessly spread skies -
do such persons exist who remain detached from this idea called time?
I pause anticipating an answer just when I feel that the skies responded positively,
thereby pushing me to think of another species in another part of the universe,
where humans and nature alike us are intransient and infinite.
Initially i feel optimistic about the idea that somebody somewhere in the infinitely humongous space is untied to seconds, minutes, days and years
and knew not what rush and rapid life was.
But then I move to think about the other part - their sufferings.
probably their sufferings and traumas existed bottomlessly
and as much as I disliked the idea of chaining ourselves to a space that would make us not live our lives but somehow survive through them,
I restart to reflect if we should be tied to time or should we be left untied.
and there I sit by the window circling back to the same argument.

Hey there, I'm an 18 year old student studying English, Psychology and Economics. I try to put my thoughts and opinions in the form of poetry and articles whenever I get crazy ideas in my head. I hope you have a good time exploring my content.